Employment Screening concerns the verification of specific data of the candidate or employee which are relevant for filling a certain position. Such a background check usually takes place just before the candidate starts a new role. Although employment screening is already required by law in some industries, it is also growing strongly among employers that want to minimize potential risks. Adopting a screening process will ensure a higher level of transparency and integrity and will make your organization perform better.

Screening process

Step 1: Log in
Fill in your personal username and password
Step 2: Screening profile
Select the correct screeningprofile for this candidate
Step 3: Details candidate
Enter the details of the candidate
Step 4: Person is being screened
Candidate receives an email with log-in details and request to partake in their own background screening.
Step 5: Start screening
Validata will process the screening and do all the actual background checks.
Stap 6: Screening completed
Both you and the candidate will receive a message that the screeningreport is completed and ready to be downloaded