The need to screen natural persons rapidly increases. This makes sense, because the damage caused by a 'mismatch' with an employee, a tenant, buyer or volunteer can be enormous. Prior verification of certain relevant data can help distinguish various risks before entering new relations.

Validata Group supports clients in the execution and assurance of a high-quality screening. Thanks to our innovative software our clients are guaranteed a secure online screening process that meets all compliance requirements and is completed in approximately 5 working days. The client-oriented, personal approach of the Validata Group Service Center plays a crucial role in its success.

Validata Group consists of three brands; all experts in their field.

CV-OK is specialised in employment screening and the first to provide a complete screening of candidates and employees, using an online portal.

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Wonen-OK is specialised in screening tenants and buyers for estate and letting agents, housing corporations, project developers, institutional investors and their professional real estate partners.

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Vrijwilliger-OK is specialised in screening volunteers and takes care of requesting Code of Good Conducts (CGCs) and digitising relevant forms.

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