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Our organisation

Validata Group is specialised in screening people. With a service focused on the verification of various types of data for numerous sectors and groups, Validata Group meets the increasing need for more security and transparency.


Our mission

Supporting the screening process
Validata Group is a young and client-oriented organisation. We are driven by the importance of transparency and integrity. As market leader in screening people and organisations, we help global organisations take more conscious decisions when they enter new business relations or continue their existing relations. Validata Group’s services contribute to a more functional and safe environment, which reduces the risk of material and immaterial damage. Our clients know that doing business with Validata Group guarantees meeting relevant law and legislation and compliance requirements.

Validata Group presents its services via CV-OK, Wonen-OK and Vrijwillliger-OK. Our complex screening processes put us in close, personal contact with a candidate, employee, tenant, buyer or volunteer. Therefore, we keep focusing on crucial conditions such as privacy, security and experience. These three elements are reflected in the way we support people and organisations during their screening. Our substantive knowledge, innovative strength and flexible software encourage us to keep improving our services for various sectors.

Typical for Validata Group are the long-term co-operations and sustainable relations with other companies, organisations and people. Our network of specialists, partners and clients provides the capacity to continuously improve our services. We believe that people who make full use of their strengths, deliver their best work. This is reflected in the way we treat our permanent and temporary employees at Validata Group.

Our vision

Increasing need for transparency
Since 2009, Validata Group meets the increasing demand of screening people. Through using our innovative software, we can guarantee that complex screening processes are well executed in a user-friendly manner.
Each day, employers, authorities, NGOs, housing corporations, estate and letting agents, schools, sports and other clubs work with people from various backgrounds and countries. Due to people’s increasing mobility and individualisation, these organisations experience growing uncertainty and potential risks even though they depend on their people’s reliability. And because of the global financial crisis, terrorism and public opinion, these organisations are faced with increasing law and legislation requirements. They are forced to look critically at internal and external influences and the way they should manage risks.

Validata Group is at the centre of this playing field. Screening people is a complex process, in which issues such as integrity, transparency, privacy and security play an increasingly important role. Such specialist services are more frequently outsourced to global organisations such as Validata Group.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As Dutch market leader in screening, we believe playing an exemplary role is important. From day one we focused on sustainable relations and taking social responsibility, which is reflected in our business operations.
Our services contribute to a better functioning and safer work, home and sports environment. We continuously make conscious decisions in which we consider People, Planit and Profit, both in and outside our organisation. This is documented in our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy.

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Validata Group works with a team of experts in screening, software and service. In these three area's we continually focus on innovation, support and customer-friendliness.

Harm Voogt
foto Job van der Weijden van de Validata Group,Vrijwilliger-ok, CV-OK en Huurder-OK
Job van der Weijden
Bart Bijkerk
Robbert Remmers Client Manager Validata Group
Robbert Remmers

Kirsten Oliemans
Loetje de Koning
Jochem Snijders
Teun Rohof
Mirjam Peer
Claire Pon
Esmée de Klerck
foto Sarah Marijnen van de Validata Group,Vrijwilliger-ok, CV-OK en Huurder-OK
Sarah Marijnen
Idris Rabbani
Raya Hein
David de Groot
Jet de Booij
Imro van der Wal
Lisanne Vermeulen
Jasmijn de Vegt

Nina Wieringa
Josha Vanderbroeck

Marij Smit
Sybren Allen
Suzan van Burken


The quality of a screening is largely determined by the quality of the data itself, its verification and processing. Therefore, Validata Group works closely together with the following partners:

Recruitment Software
Probably the best recruiting software in the world – ATS ...
Company info
Company information and personal information
For all business professionals who want to do business with ...
Recruiting technology
The biggest association of real estate agents and valuers in real estate of the Netherlands.
The NVM is partner of the Validata Group with the ...
DUO partner CV-OK Pre employment screening
Education Executive Agency
DUO is the implementing organisation of the Department of Education. ...
Netherlands Organisation for International Cooperation in Higher Education.
It follows the Collective Labour Agreement of the universities. The ...
Dienst Justis
The Screening Authority
Screening Authority Justis is working on a safer and more ...
Id checker.nl
Complementary technology compiled for optimum customer experience
With the IDchecker solution you get certainty about the document ...
Credit Rating Agency
Almost everyone occasionally buys something on credit or borrows money. ...
One of the market leaders in risk management
Focum provides several forms of data that are geared towards ...
Considerati partner CV-OK Pre employment screening
Specialising in legal, policy and communication advice for the digital environment. Considerati is the leading expert in the field of ICT, ...
Privacy Perfect partner CV-OK Pre employment screening
Privacy Perfect
Dealing with personal data better
Privacy Perfect offers an online tool that enables having continuous ...
Textkernel partner CV-OK Pre employment screening
Semantic recruitment technology Textkernel provides multilingual CV parsing and semantic search, sourcing, lead ...
Finaps partner CV-OK Pre employment screening
Innovative software solutions
Finaps, established in 2010, is a young and dynamic company. ...
App platform
Mendix offers the app platform organisations can use to develop, ...
Nationaal Europas Centrum
Europass CV
Europass is the initiative of the European Commission to simplify ...
The Netherlands Credit Management Agency Graydon believes that transparency reinforces the trust between business partners. ...
Credit Services
EDR Credit Services (EDR) focuses on providing information that reduces ...
Dun & Bradstreet
A reliable partner in all your business decisions Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) is the only worldwide party in ...


Several of our clients are listed below.

ABN AMRO logo bij klanten van CV-OK.
Logo van Ajilon klant van CV-OK
Logo van Bol.com. Zij zijn klant van CV-OK voor het screenen van hun personeel. Employment screening en in-employment screening.

APG is klant van CV-OK. Voor het screenen van personeel en employment screening.
Logo van Maasstad ziekenhuis. Zij zijn klant van CV-OK voor het screenen van hun personeel. Employment screening en in-employment screening.

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